Moez Bouhlel @lejenome

This is our checklist for any member interested to join the training:


For Windows Users

You can choose your preferred Text Editor or IDE to write python code, or you can pick one from our recommendation list:

For Linux (Ubuntu) Users

  • Python 3 (should be already installed, use python3 command instead of python)
  • Git

You can choose your preferred Text Editor or IDE or one of our suggestion list:

  • PyCharm
  • Vim / emacs / nano / ed (or cat command if you want)
  • IDLE3
  • Ninga-IDE
  • Netbeans >= 8.1 + Python plugin
  • IPython3 (Jupyter console)

Other (We will keep it for Saturday)

We will use the Django Framework in the training. To install Django, you need to use the pip command (already integrated on Python Windows installer, or install python3-pip for Ubuntu users). Launch your console (cmd on Windows), and run:

pip install Django


We will use GitHub to host our projects code. To be able to join the development, every member is required to create a GitHub account and email his profile link to

Keep in mind that GitHub is #1 code hosting service and you will mostly keep using it outside our training on future.

Learning Sources

Python 3