Moez Bouhlel @lejenome

Hi, My name is Moez Bouhlel and I'm a software development engineer at TIK with 5+ years of experience. My main area of expertise is back-end engineering and web services development, particularly using Python / Django / FastAPI and Golang.

Currently, I'm a senior software engineer and business owner at TIK, an IT consulting agency, where I led a team of highly skilled software engineers undertaking projects for dozens of startups and midsize businesses across a variety of industry segments.

Prior to TIK, I worked as a freelance software developer, I made a couple of contributions to OSS projects, and I conducted a few workshops and training sessions for teachers and professionals.

The things that interest me most are distributed computing, autonomous robotic systems, and software design and architecture. I absolutely love to research, design, and build scalable and resilient system software, middleware, and backends using modern languages like Python, Golang, Rust, and Scala.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or service requests at