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stay connected
play, edit and share your files
choose your favorite games

it works
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Manage all your projects
exchange files with PCs and Macs
connects with all your devices

Run ubuntu on all your devicesand for all your needs

Get your PC to the
next level

make your Tablet
full usable

Even Smarter Phones

Enjoy your
Smart TV

Ubuntu Server
for scale out computing

Build with Cloud computing on mind

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For daily use

Web browsing
Office applications
Social and email
Music and mobile
Photos and videos
More apps
Personal cloud

by Developers, for Developers

“When choosing an OS to pre-install on the Dell XPS-13, our new developer-oriented laptop, Ubuntu was a natural choice. Ubuntu's overwhelming popularity among developers and its cloud capabilities made it a no brainer.”
Barton George, Director, Web Vertical, Dell

Busniess as usual

widely supportedeasy to manageno hidden costs, no lock-infull support

So, why choose ubuntu?

Fast, Robust, CompatibleFree and open source softwareSecure to its coreAlways up to date

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